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Texas Attorney General Goes After Unscrupulous Tax Firms

compromise attorney tax fightsFinding a dependable attorney to handle your negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service is crucial to getting the help you need with your tax problems.

The difficulty in finding reliable representation was highlighted today when Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott charged JK Harris & Company, LLC, its owners and two related firms with materially misrepresenting their ability to help resolve unpaid tax obligations.

A release from Attorney General Abbott's office says
According to the state’s enforcement action, JK Harris failed to provide promised services, misrepresented its employees’ professional skills and experience, overstated its ability to reduce debts that customers owe to the Internal Revenue Service, and accepted large, prepaid fees from customers whose tax liabilities the firm knew – or should have known – it could not reduce.

“The defendants are charged with unlawfully misrepresenting – and overstating – their ability to reduce unpaid debts that taxpayers owe to the IRS,” said Attorney General Greg Abbott. “Struggling Texans who paid large, upfront fees were told that their unpaid taxes could be resolved for pennies on the dollar. Today’s enforcement action seeks restitution for the defendants’ Texas customers and a court order enjoining the defendants’ unlawful conduct.”

The Texas Attorney General's office in conjunction with the Better Business Bureau conducted an investigation into the company's business practices after receiving more than 1,000 complaints in the past three years.

If you need help with a tax problem, contact a reputable tax attorney in your area.

If you are a Texas resident who has had dealings with JK Harris and Company, LLC, JKH Financial Recovery Systems LLC or Professional Fee Financing Associates, and feel that you have been a victim of their deceptive practices, contact the Texas Attorney General's office at (800) 252-8011 or online at www.texasattorneygeneral.gov.