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How can I know that a tax attorney can help me with my specific IRS issues?

In many fields of work today, there is a wide variety of specialization.  A real estate agent may focus on commercial property, residential property, or investment property.  A plumber may focus on pipe laying, sprinkler systems, or plumbing related to the handling of different types of materials (e.g., water, chemicals, steam).  And the same is true of tax attorneys.

A tax attorney attends years of college and law school courses to learn their profession.  Even so, they generally focus on certain specific areas of specialization, such as estate planning, small business taxes, or issues related to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Therefore, if you are having issues with your federal income tax return or other aspects of dealing with the IRS, you need to be sure you obtain advice from a tax attorney who specializes in such issues.

No attorney can guarantee you results.  If an attorney does guarantee you a specific outcome, you should likely consider seeking advice from a different attorney.  But if you choose an attorney who specializes in dealing with the IRS and helping people with their federal income tax returns, it increases the likelihood that you will get the best guidance available to increase the chances of you obtaining the most favorable possible outcome for your situation.

A tax attorney who specializes in working with the IRS can help you with these and other types of issues related to the IRS and federal income tax:

Respond to IRS notices, including audits. A tax attorney specializing in working with the IRS will be familiar with the various types of notices sent to taxpayers.  Such an attorney will be able to evaluate the notice in light of your specific circumstances and give you the likely best approach to address the issue.  The attorney can also help you prepare the response to the IRS.

If the notice indicates that you are being audited, the tax attorney will be able to help you respond to the audit with only the necessary information to meet the IRS’ request (as providing too much information can potentially lead to other questions).

File tax returns. Many people do not realize that tax attorneys can actually help you file your tax returns, whether it is just the return for the current year or for multiple previous years.  Using a tax attorney to file your tax return will give you peace of mind in knowing that everything noted on the return meets the applicable tax laws.  While this does not guarantee that your tax return will not be audited by the IRS, it does mean that you will be able to support the claims you made on the tax return.

Address tax settlement issues. If you owe money to the IRS, the IRS may allow you to settle the tax liability by entering into an installment agreement or proposing an offer in compromise.  However, in either case, the IRS needs to see the appropriate forms and have a convincing reason for accepting the plan.  A tax attorney will have experience in settlement issues and will be able to evaluate if your situation is one that is likely to qualify you for one of the available settlement options.

How can I get help from a tax attorney?

If you complete the form below, a tax attorney will contact you to discuss your situation in detail.  This consultation is free of charge and does not obligate you to anything further.  In addition, it is completely confidential, and the attorney-client privilege provided by using a tax attorney means that no one else—including the IRS—has to know what you discuss with the attorney.  Therefore, please take advantage of this opportunity to get legal advice in addressing your issues with the IRS.