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Tax Lawyers may help reduce Tax Debt

There are many problems that you can handle on your own without the aid of an attorney. Things like late credit card payments, past due bills and traffic tickets you can probably handle yourself.

If you are having problems and issues with the State Department of Revenue or the IRS, you may be able to resolve them yourself. On the other hand, when you consider how complex and intricate United States tax law is, it may be in your best interests to enlist the help and services of a qualified tax attorney.

Tax Help

How do you know whether you need the services of a tax attorney? If you have complex tax, legal or technical problems or issues, the answer is probably, Yes.

Here are some instances that may help you to know whether you need the services of a tax attorney. If you:

  • Are under criminal investigation by the IRS
  • Have an international business and need help with tax treatment, contracts or other legal issues
  • Have committed tax fraud (like using false credits and deductions) and need the protection of privilege
  • Have to file an estate tax return, have a taxable estate or have a need to develop complex estate planning strategies
  • Plan on bringing a suit against the IRS
  • Are beginning a business, and you need legal help concerning the tax and structure treatment of your business
  • Need independent review of your case before the United States Tax Court

If any of these things represent your situation, you really need tax help from a good tax attorney.

There are some things that you need to understand that will also show you why you need the help and representation of a tax attorney when you have to face the IRS. When dealing with the IRS:

  • You are considered to be at fault (guilty) until you can prove that you are not
  • You have to have evidence to justify anything that you claim on your tax return (you are testifying against yourself)
  • If you get information from an IRS employee, and it is incorrect, it is your problem, not theirs

As you can see, this is not the way it is when you go to court. It is a "whole different ballgame" when you go before the IRS.

To make matters worse, you have to pay whatever the IRS decides, plus interest, plus penalties. If you do not pay, the IRS can take your money and your property and send you to prison. The IRS can even make you pay when you get out of jail.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me?

A tax attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the highly technical and complex area of tax law. A tax attorney specializes in issues regarding technical, legal or tax matters. They usually focus only on Tax Relief and tax matters.

A tax attorney specializes in working with you to help you resolve difficulties that you are having with the state revenue department or the IRS. This involves things like Tax Liens, audits, reduction of fines and self-employment and small business tax matters.

You can already probably see how a tax attorney can help you. In fact, there are many things that a tax attorney can do for you. A tax attorney can:

  • Guide you through the potentially dangerous area of self-employment and small business tax matters
  • Get fines reduced
  • Have liens removed
  • Get you through an IRS audit
  • Help you solve your problems with the IRS or the state revenue department

Tax Lawyers and the IRS

There are many other ways in which a tax lawyer can help you with complex technical, legal or tax issues that you face. Some of the ways a tax lawyer can help you are:

  • Preventing tax problems before they ever begin
  • Seeing possible trouble points and advising how they can be avoided
  • Setting up trust funds, stock portfolios and other things

One of the most important ways that a tax lawyer can help you is by keeping up with the latest changes in United States tax law and advising you in accordance with these changes. This is important because United States tax law changes almost every year.

If you are facing the IRS or have other tax, legal or technical issues, it should be obvious to you by now that this is not something you can handle by yourself. You are going to need the help of a lawyer.

You need a lawyer who specializes in tax law. You need a tax attorney who focuses on tax cases. Tax attorneys work with these types of cases on a daily basis.

Remember, tax laws change almost every year. Tax attorneys keep up with these changes in order to give you the best current advice.