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How Flexible are Offer in Compromise Agreements?

IRS Offer in Compromise Help

In an effort to expand the availability of compromise agreements, in 1998 Congress took the position that the Internal Revenue Service should be more flexible in considering offers to settle outstanding Tax Debt. That is, the IRS should make it easier for taxpayers to enter into Offer In Compromise agreements and should do more to educate the taxpaying public about the availability of such agreements.

Over the last decade these changes have made it much easier for taxpayers to apply for help and allowed the IRS to be more flexible. The program features

  • Additional flexibility in evaluating taxpayer expenses
  • More flexible rules for processing offers
  • Less documentation for smaller offers
  • New deferred payments procedures
  • New independent reviews for rejected offers

Specially trained IRS agents are devoted to handling compromise offers which brings more consistency to the program.

Translating this policy into practice is not always easy and the taxpayer should seek advice on OIC agreements.

Today you can contact an Offer In Compromise Attorney to see if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise