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How to Reduce Your IRS Debt with Offer in Compromise

An Offer In Compromise, occasionally referred to incorrectly as Offer and Compromise , is an agreement between a taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service that resolves a taxpayer's Tax Debt.

If taxpayer is unable to pay his or her tax liability in a lump sum or through an installment agreement, and has exhausted the search for other payment arrangements, the last option would be to file an Offer In Compromise. The objective of the OIC (Offer In Compromise) program is to accept a compromise when it is in the best interests of both the taxpayer and the government and promotes voluntary compliance with all future payment and filing requirements.

(The IRS description of the Offer In Compromise program can be found here.)

Things to Consider

The IRS has the authority to settle or compromise federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances, including:

If you have outstanding tax debt and are looking for Tax Relief, consult with an experienced tax attorney to see if you qualify for an Offer In Compromise.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me?

A tax attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the highly technical and complex area of tax law. A tax attorney specializes in issues regarding technical, legal or tax matters. They usually focus only on Tax Relief and tax matters.

A tax attorney specializes in working with you to help you resolve difficulties that you are having with the state revenue department or the IRS. This involves things like Tax Liens, audits, reduction of fines and self-employment and small business tax matters.

You can already probably see how a tax attorney can help you. In fact, there are many things that a tax attorney can do for you. A tax attorney can:

If you have questions about your case you can get answers by contacting us today and filling out our free and confidential Case Evaluation Form.

  • Guide you through the potentially dangerous area of self-employment and small business tax matters
  • Get fines reduced
  • Have liens removed
  • Get you through an IRS audit
  • Help you solve your problems with the IRS or the state revenue department